"Ajen is an accountant who is down to earth and genuinely interested in their clients prospering."
"As a trusted advisor you guided our business back on course when the outlook was far from positive and we look forward to your continued assistance into the future"
"His attitude towards his work and my portfolio has been exemplary. He always finds time for me at short notice and is a benefit to all."
"Ajen always has a high standard of professional manner. He continued to give me good advice and is a reliable person, helpful in sorting out problems and finding solutions easily."
"Ajendra has made himself available sometimes even after normal business hours, to assist us with any questions we have, even when sometimes they may have seemed silly or simple, he has answered in full and easy to understand terminology, at no point has he ever made me feel silly for asking."
"He is always accessible to speak with and even calls me to ask if I need help with anything."
"Ajendra's willingness to dedicate "caring time" to his clients sets him apart from others."
"I am confident to refer friends and family to his team because I know they are in the most capable hands. Ajendra’s honest, caring and upbeat nature has been an absolute godsend and I am so thankful that our paths crossed"
"Ajendra’s speaks with you in a language that you can understand and comprehend easily which assists in equity and partnership with your tax agent."
"We find you have a personal approach to your accounting practice, which makes everyone feel like number 1. This is a rare and special trait, and leaves us knowing we are in good hands."
"He is very astute, and at the same time down to earth and really interested in his clients prospering. For people like us who are new to small business this is an absolute god sent."
"He shows a genuine interest and I never feel rushed. He has created a warm and friendly environement."

ATO changes will make it harder for over 42,000 small businesses.

The ATO reports that more than 42,000 small businesses fail to work with them in regard to finalising their tax obligations.


This means all are risking massive consequences when overdue payment rules change in 2025.

Apparently some 50,000 taxpayers have outstanding tax obligations of over $100,000 and they are ignoring the ATO’s calls to pay up.  Of those, slightly more than 42,000 are small businesses and they owe a total of $11 billion.

Of Australia’s $50 billion in collectable debt, 65% is related to small and medium enterprises.

But the ATO is changing its debt repayment rules in 2025 and will increase their efforts to get these debts paid.

Also, the general interest charge (GIC – currently 11.34%.) — the interest tacked onto payments to the ATO will lose tax deductibility status on July 1, 2025.  This change is expected to add an extra $500 million a year to the government’s coffers, as the tax office formally abandons the COVID-era leniency it showed taxpayers.

When these ‘disengaged’ small businesses do finally pay, they may well find the amount owed is significantly more than expected after interest is charged.  Even for those who ‘self-report’, but understate their tax obligations, will be tracked down and will owe interest on the shortfall as well.  Any interest on such shortfalls will also lose tax-deductible status. 

According to industry bodies it seems that few taxpayers are currently aware of the impending change.

The appropriate legislation has yet to be drafted but it’s almost certain it will be.  Better to ‘clear the decks’ now rather than wait, as things will only get harder for these small businesses.

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