"Ajendra has been our accountant and has provided our business with enthusiastic approach to all our accountancy and tax requirements, every year he takes time to learn a little bit more about me and my business, and I really appreciate his knowledge, skills, foresight, and friendliness. He has served us with unquestionable integrity, which is vital for a business to have in an accountant. Ajen’s knowledge and expertise serves to guide our business as we have grown and ensure our business strategies have solid advice to ensure further growth and compliance. Ajen is an accountant who is down to earth and genuinely interested in their clients prospering."

— Martyn M

"Your professional advice has been instrumental in guiding our business decisions to help us grow from fledgling business to become a profitable and growing entity As a trusted advisor you guided our business back on course when the outlook was far from positive and we look forward to your continued assistance into the future"

— Michael H

"I have known Ajendra for the last four years and always found him dependable, efficient and reliable. His attitude towards his work and my portfolio has been exemplary. He always finds time for me at short notice and is a benefit to all."

— M Paine

"Ajen always maintained and been a professional and helpful person. I have known him for years and whenever needed help or advice he would help to point me in the right direction.

He is very friendly and approachable person and would always call me back right away regarding my business inquiries. Ajen always has a high standard of professional manner. He continued to give me good advice and is a reliable person, helpful in sorting out problems and finding solutions easily. He has given valuable service for us in business and as a person is very competent."

— Joe B

"In my short time dealing with Ajendra I have found him to be not only knowledgeable and extremely helpful but also insightful, and extremely proactive, especially in assisting with getting our very new business off the ground. Ajendra has made himself available sometimes even after normal business hours, to assist us with any questions we have, even when sometimes they may have seemed silly or simple, he has answered in full and easy to understand terminology, at no point has he ever made me feel silly for asking.

I have also been impressed with his efforts to understand our particular business.

I in my various roles have dealt with many accounts and Ajendra has by far been The most present and proactive. I look forward to our future dealings."

— Regan J

"Having owned my own businesses for many years, I have always struggled with finding the time to sit down to complete my accounts, making myself stressed and falling behind with my financials. Feeling fed up, I went in search of an accountant...I was lucky enough to meet Ajendra Prasad and have never looked back.

At our first meeting, Ajendra assured me that he would always be contactable on his mobile and he has been true to his word. He is always accessible to speak with and even calls me to ask if I need help with anything.

The encouragement he gives me is indescribable, advising me to update and try new services and products to help with the day to day running of my business, which in turn enables me to have more time to concentrate on other areas of my business.

When I am not sure on new procedures put in place, Ajendra will visit me at my office and show me what I need to do and not leave until I am feeling confident. After our every meeting I walk away feeling excited and full of new ideas ready for the year ahead.

I would be lost if Ajendra was not my accountant and would be happy to recommend him to anyone. They, as am I, would be lucky to have him as their accountant. Ajendra, you really are an incredible asset to my business and a very patient and helpful person "

— Wendy T

"As new small business owners we have a lot of questions about everything from tax to business structures and the day-to-day practicalities of bookkeeping. From the very first meeting we had, Ajendra freely shared his knowledge, listened attentively and took his time to answer every question and address concerns with an open, friendly, patient and approachable attitude. Not once did we feel rushed or that our questions are insignificant or irrelevant (even when they were). Whilst we could probably have obtained the information elsewhere, I doubt whether anybody else would have been able to make us feel so comfortable and at ease. Ajendra's willingness to dedicate "caring time" to his clients sets him apart from others. "

— Helen J

"I was fortunate enough to meet Ajendra prior to purchasing my business. I very much doubt that I would have had the confidence to move forward in without Ajendra’s support and extensive knowledge. He made me aware of things I had no idea even existed. He personally contacted me to assure me that any questions I had he would be happy to assist with. This was before I was even his client, infact, it was this level of care that made Ajendra the obvious choice moving forward. He has a genuine passion for the businesses in the area and it shows with the level of care that is offered.

Ajendra’s positive and empathetic approach to my being new at business has been wonderful. He has always taken the time to answer any questions that I may have. There have definitely been times that I have felt overwhelmed by the unavoidable stresses that owning a business and having a young family bring. I am so thankful that I had Ajen to help steer me in the right direction and always give me the right advice. I am confident to refer friends and family to his team because I know they are in the most capable hands. Ajendra’s honest, caring and upbeat nature has been an absolute godsend and I am so thankful that our paths crossed"

— Cass S

"Ajendra’s speaks with you in a language that you can understand and comprehend easily which assists in equity and partnership with your tax agent. It is not a clinical process, which distinguishes him from his peers as he recognises you both professionally and as a person with individual prerequisites and circumstances. Even outside of the office, there have been times where we have seen each other and he will immediately recognise and greet you like a long-time friend, asking how work and my family are doing. This in itself demonstrates the care and consideration he gives his clientele."

— Kylie H

"Ajen has definitely been a breath of fresh air for me. I have only recently been with Ajen for the last 12months. After having a really bad experience with my last accountant. Ajen has really explained and helped me out a lot since moving across. His personal touch is beyond rewarding. Every time we talk before any business is discussed he ask how are you? How is the family? It’s the little things in life by asking these simple questions that make the personal touch and builds the ultimate respect. Ajen also works really quickly in getting the best result for myself and my business. He makes sure he calls you back or lets you know when he is not available. It is such a pleasure to work with an accountant that is there for you as a person and also there for my business to grow and achieve all the goals in the future."

— Tim K

"The amazing energy that you have, always has us feeling positive about pushing our business further, whenever we meet with you. We find you have a personal approach to your accounting practice, which makes everyone feel like number 1. This is a rare and special trait, and leaves us knowing we are in good hands."

— Liz & Mick P

"Needing an accountant, we were referred to Ajendra, from our first meeting with Ajendra we could not have asked for better service. We really appreciate Ajendra’s knowledge, skills, foresight and friendliness. From the quick return of emails and phone calls to the genuine concern for all of our business interests, I could not recommend Ajendra highly enough. He is very astute, and at the same time down to earth and really interested in his clients prospering. For people like us who are new to small business this is an absolute god sent."

— Bill & Mandy P

"I have known Ajendra for the past few years. During this time, Ajendra has always been dependable, efficient and punctual. His interpersonal skills far extend beyond the job at hand. Ajendra makes me feel welcome and more than just a client. This is evident by his demeanour; he will have a genuine conversation and ‘catch up’ on the year past before delving into the job at hand. He shows a genuine interest and I never feel rushed. He has created a warm and friendly environment within his office space that is demonstrated through his staff. I have referred many of my friends, colleagues and even family to Ajendra over the years and all have become regular clients."

— K Jordan